Energie-Gear Conventional Gear Oil SAE 85W-140, API GL-5

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     ENERGIE-Gear SAE 85W-140 Gear Oil, API GL-5 is formulated with high viscosity-index, paraffinic base oils, and specialty performance additives. API Category GL-5 designates the type of service characteristic of gears, particularly hypoids in automotive axles under high-speed and/or low-speed, high-torque conditions. Specialty anti-scuffing additives and friction modifiers provide advanced protection and lubricity in extreme pressure conditions.Additionally, ENERGIE-GEAR SAE 85W-140 Gear Oil, API GL-5 is highly shear stable while also resisting rust, oxidation, foaming, and varnish. Features and Benefits· Provides excellent oxidation stability under severe operation conditions and high   temperatures.· Prevents corrosion and rust formation.· Reduces the formation of… Read more